A Solution: Carbon Tax

One of the solutions outlined in “Before the Flood” is to switch from a payroll to carbon tax. We currently do not have a carbon tax set up in the US. It’d be great if we did. The funds from the carbon tax could go right back into clean energy, renewable resources and whatever else we’d need to clean up and protect the environment. 
Leonardo DiCaprio posted this CarboTax link. You can take the quiz and find out what your monthly carbon tax would be. We didn’t donate yet because it goes to a general sea and wildlife find and would like to see this as part of our government policy as a mandate in all Americans. 
Interestingly our tax was I my $17.66 a month. Very reasonable and affordable we thought! Average American carbon score is 10.0. Ours was 9.2. A big reason for that is because we don’t eat much beef, and we live in a small home less than 1000 sq. feet. But our score did go up 2 whole points after putting our 3 air travel flights last year! Wow! Something to really think about!! I think I’ll redo the quiz to see the difference in monthly amount with out the air travel. 
And that folks is how we should be thinking about our carbon use on the environment. If there’s a tax it’ll drive our use and we’ll be motivated to choose items with less of a carbon footprint. Then producers will be motivated to produce items using clean and renewable energy. This could be a really great solution! Spread the word and let’s let our leaders know about it! And that we support it!




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