Giving to Africa

Good morning! I’m so excited to share with you today our giving project. We have friends in Goma, DRC (Democtratic Republic of Congo) Congo is in the top ten poorest countries in the world with a GDP per capita of $484.20. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to help!  Please consider joining us in our efforts. 

The typical aid distribution we contribute to is shown here in the form of a report and photos from our good friend John Nalubanda who heads up the project we support. He and his wife along with volunteers help in several areas of need in the Goma area. Goma is on the very eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It’s at the very top of Lane Kivu. 

 Here is the abbreviated narrative of the most recent report. “Hello,please find attached these photos for the activities on ground funded by you. the activities include; food distribution for the needy ,distribution of school items to orphan, distribution of school uniforms , numeracy training to prepare women for small business, distribution of the small grant to 6 women for business.”

Distribution of school uniforms to orphans. These children have no parents because their parents were recently killedin the civil war. They were beginning to feel vulnerable because try worried they may not be able to go to school like the other children in the village.

This is the building of the organization that our friend John and his wife run. It’s called “Action of Compassion to the Vulnerable or A.V.C.” John and his wife have adopted four orphans themselves and have two children as well. They cannot afford to support putting all the orphans into orphanages but have begun working on pairing orphans with local families to take them in and shelter them and raise them.

Here are the elderly, children and adults waiting and being giving their food distribution.

The children who are orphaned receiving new uniforms and books look very pleased ☺️ what a gift! 

These woman are receiving numeracy training to prepare for small business, and distribution of $10 was given to 6 women for business. Such a small amount to us is giving these woman a wonderful opportunity, again what a gift! What a blessing! Thanks be to God 😇


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