Are pesticides harmful?

The short and resounding answer is, YES! When you have your lawn treated you are paying to poison yourself, your family, and the environment. How silly! 

Now I know that grass may look better perfectly green but is looks more important than health? No! When asked that question I’m sure almost everyone would answer no. 

Are there alternatives to pesticides? Yes! The most simple solution is to just not treat your lawn. How bad will it look if it’s not perfectly green and dandelion free? Not very bad if you keep it trimmed. Plus the trade offs are scary. So why not just let your lawn be in its natural state, one that’s good for our health, and the animals and plants too. 

Another option is to create a no mow lawn. There are some beautiful options of landscaping that will take your breath away, plus no mowing, and good for you and the planet. Sign me up! Here are some ideas to get you started:

How does faith come into play here? Well, like I said in my first blog post “Soil and Sacrament” God’s first commandment to is is to care for creation. God gave us creation, the animals and plants, not to use to our advantage, but to care for. Yes, there is a certain order to things with humans being the most intelligent obviously and set apart from animals and plants. But just because we’re smarter doesn’t mean we should “bully” animals and the environment and take advantage. In fact, the opposite is true. Because we’re smarter we have the responsibility to care for those things. God charges us with this great responsibility.

Here’s a neat article from the permaculture institute about “God on laws”:

Please take the time to consider your responsibility to God’s creation, and your family because these decisions affect everyone. We are not perfect and it’s hard to live in a growing world with all the technologies, many of which have negative environmental impacts. 

But because it’s overwhelming does that mean we give up? No, God is calling us to not give up. He entrusted us to care for each other and the earth and He gave us that awesome responsibility and it’s up to us to respond to it. One person, one family cannot do it all but does that mean we should “throw in the towel”, and just say it’s not worth it? Not at all! Every little part you can do DOES make a difference! 

From going pesticide free in your lawn, to buying organic and local when you can, to shopping at farmers markets, and thinking about the materials you buy when you purchase items such as clothes, toys and cleaning products just to name a few making natural material choices when you can, to perhaps choosing to drive less or buying a hybrid vehicle. All these little things add up, I promise they do! 

And by doing them you can inspire, and motivate others to change. Will you be the change in your family and among your friends? Inspire others around you to do the same. It’s a beautiful world we live in; let’s help each other keep it that way. 

For more information on how pesticides are harmful:


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