Today I’d like to share with you about modesty. Modesty is about the way we present ourselves and the way we dress. We are called to be dignified (def. having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect) and the key word here is respect. If you watch this video you’ll notice that although the feminist thinks their eliciting respect through their actions they are in fact eliciting the opposite response from others.

It seems to me that the secular or “mainstream” world thinks that the Church teaches that women should be submissive and that there is no freedom there. But, in fact, that is not true and the fact is that the teachings of the Church give women enourmous dignity and respect (see Pope John Paul’s teachings,

The Orthodox, Catholic, and some Protastant Churches hold these teachings, which are strikingly different from the secular or “mainstream” world. The secular world teaches that beauty and sexuality are a priority, so it is a very shallow and unfulfilling teaching. The Church teaches that you are much much more than what you look like, and that you are a beautiful child of Christ that should be cherished and respected.

The secular world teaches that sex outside of marriage is somehow “liberating” and that there is a “freedom” in it. But having sex outside of marriage is often misguided, misdirected, shallow, and can often leave you a single parent having to provide and care for your kids on your own or worse feeling pressured to choose abortion which is a horrible decision to have to make and live with.

Sex within marriage is beautiful, and chaste and pure. If you wait until marriage you know that your love for each other is founded in Christ and not just the physical expression of love. Love making is beautiful but that is only part of love between a husband and wife and our intimacy. We are making love whenever we show our spouse kindness, whenever we are unselfish, whenever we listen to them, or whenever we do any act of service out of love for them.

I urge those who are caught up in the secular worlds ideas of what beauty and relationships should look like to talk to a family member or friend who is Christian and are a member of a Church who teaches the virtues I have wrote about. Find out more from them and the Church about your worth as a child of God and I know you will see God’s promises and how amazing they are. That shot term attention and pleasure and the consequences of following that path will not bring us the dignity that God wants for us. He loves us more than anyone, even more than our parents or spouse can love us, and His love is perfect and He wants what is best for us. And that is found in the Church teachings of modesty, protection of virtue, honor, respect, love in marriage, honoring and respecting your body, and using it to fulfill God’s beautiful plan for His glory.

Additional resources: Theology of the Body explained. A great start to understanding the gifts God has given you and the meaning of the human body and sexuality.

A Parent’s Guide: Theology of the Body for Teens.

A new book, featured on Focus on the Family Daily Broadcasts, “… where mother-daughter team, Chris Shook and Megan Shook Alpha, want to help. In Beauty Begins, they explore the origins of beauty (which doesn’t start with a fashion magazine) and challenge each of us to trade the pressure of perfection for God’s perfect love.”

For more on Dressing with Dignity: Colleen Hammond has a book on the topic.

And she also has an awesome FB page that you can join to get ideas for dressing modestly while still looking your best!


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