Soil and Sacrament

That is the title of the book written by Fred Bahnson and the subject of my post today.  Mr. Bahnson was the leader of a community garden, and he noticed that the people coming to the gardens were in search of something more than food.  I myself noticed this same thing when working at the Duluth Community Garden Program.

So, Fred decided to go in search of what this “thing” was. He visited different communities to see how they were growing food and explore the connection between faith and food. He visited two Protestant communities, a Monastery where monks grow mushrooms, and a Jewish community where their lives were intricately connected to their food.

In his book, Mr. Bahnson points out that God’s first commandment to us is to care for the earth. We have the responsibility to be in servitude to the earth. Rightly ordered the earth is not placed above us, but we are still responsible for caring for God’s creation.

There is something missing in our lives when we are disconnected from the earth, from the soil. When we are disconnected from the earth, from growing food, from tilling and caring for the soil, we are more disconnected in our relationship with our Creator, with others and with His creation. That is the “thing” which is missing; our relationship with God’s creation.


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